Change Log (current version: 2.9 / deployed on 2020-05-27T08:46:09.472Z)

Version 2.9

Nov 2019

  • Refactor code to be existdb 5.0 compliant
  • Update OITools to fix date unit format (d was not supported)
  • Add new Help menu entry with documentation link (extracted from the validation code/data model)

Version 2.8

Dec 2018

  • Accept to check oifits from a given Vizier Catalog name
  • Display the number of distinct rules failures by types in the CheckError summary

Version 2.7

Oct 2018

  • Shorten long table data display
  • Dislay OIFits version
  • Fix bug to expand failure details for multiples files
  • Display a check report summary at the end of the page

Version 2.6

Jun 2018

  • Fix bug that hide Primary HDU keywords

Version 2.5

Mar 2018

  • Use new version of Oitools that enhance error report
  • Add severity colors in the failures report

Version 2.4

Oct 2017

  • First support of OIFITS V2

Version 2.3

Apr 2016

  • Throw a warning message if observation dates of a table seem out of bound

Version 2.2

Jan 2015

  • Highlight errors on the check report

Version 2.1

Oct 2014

  • Display Primary HDU keywords if present

Version 2.0

First release of new refactored oival - June 2014

  • Shares the same java oifits librarie with oidb to provide granules informations
  • TODO:
    • handle upload of multiple files in input
    • improve presentation of targets accross multiple files
    • provide plots (from oiexplorer)